Washington Square Area

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Washington Square Arch Restoration

In 2002, during restoration of the famed Washington Square Arch at the foot of Fifth Avenue, the Association provided funding and research.  The Association identified and located the quarry that supplied the marble for the two statues of George Washington on the north side of the monument.  Discovery of the quarry allowed restoration specialists to use matching marble to replace lost or broken pieces of the statuary



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New Comfort Station Design

In April, 2010, Community Board #2 approved the design for the new comfort station to be installed in the renovated park. 

To quote the Parks Committee's resolution, "the design responds well to many of the requests made by CB-2 at a scoping meeting in 2009, including reducing the size of the rest rooms and providing access from the front of a multi-purpose building, eliminating vehicle parking within the park, creating a visitor-friendly public access to park administration, providing a certain amount roof space for both “green roof” and solar panels, and avoiding the use of fenced off maintenance areas." 

The comfort station will, additionally, be fully ADA compliant and there will be a separate “family” rest room.

Also approving was theCB-2 Landmarks Committee which commended the design as unpretentious and  
suitable in its context for blending into the park environment.