Sunday in the Park: Pictures From a Washington Square Park Stroll

Washington Square Park, even more than ever, has become a lively epicenter of outdoor fun for all ages and interests.   It's hard to capture in just words the wonderful energy, cultural diversity and sheer number of people and fun being had in Washington Square Park.  It would certainly require a better writer than me.  

So instead, I wanted to share a couple photos from a 5-minute walk in the Park this Sunday.

In them you will find rockabilly band Outlaw Ritual playing under the arch to passerbyers, while a man walks by with a giant python captivating kids attentions, while people collect at the park's fountain citybikers stop through on their way uptown.   Nearby, a family is teaching their daughter to double dutch, while kids frolic and get soaked in the fountain.   Just south, people do the Charleston and take dance classes as live music plays.   Others search for a picnic in the shade, while Colin Huggins, the famous piano player who has lugged his piano into the park for years plays Mozart and Beethoven nearby.  Meanwhile, The Red Hots stroke their ukeleles while people sun bathe in the beautiful weather.   3 miniature dogs show off their outfits in the park and of course the flowers are in full bloom.  

Not bad for a 5-minute walk through the park.   Makes you want to take a stroll right now. Why don't you...


My only commentary is that Washington Square Park is truly NYC's best park, bar none.