The New Lights for the Washington Square Arch

Great news for our majestic arch.   We just received word from Sarah Neilson at the Parks Department that the lights that shine on the Arch and make it stand out at night are bing upgraded.  They will be more energy efficient and hopefully no more flickering.  You may see some workers at the arch and the lights could be inconsistent over the next couple weeks, but be prepared for a newly lit, even more beautiful arch.   


Here is the letter we received:

I’m writing to let you know that we are upgrading the lighting system that illuminates the Washington Arch…a new set of fixtures that are energy efficient and will match the lighting design from about 10 years ago (the existing light system has been fading for quite some time, as we all know).

You may have noticed workers on/around the Arch the past few days. We are getting the lights installed in the trenches around the Arch, and up on the poles this week. Next week we’ll start on the lights that are mounted on the Arch itself—this will take another 2-3 weeks.  

Since you are all neighbors of the Arch, I’ll be hoping that you can help me get the word out that we’re in a transition right now – lights might be a bit strange for  a time, as we get them sorted out.